Project Management and Marketing Manager, LeVanta Tech

Jaanus Silla (Jan), has diverse background and skills. His passion for aviation dates back to his youth. Jan joined LeVanta Tech team to work with marketing and project management in August 2023. Residing in Estonia, his educational journey spans photography, film directing/producing, design, and entertainment law (one semester course in UCLA), has a BA in film from BYU. His professional experience is from Los Angeles, London, Utah, and Tallinn. He moved back to Estonia in 2000, after nine years in the US, when offered to represent EBG, Entertainment Business Group, an L.A. based motion picture industry consultancy in Europe. He also runs Welcome Entertainment OÜ. Jan admires among many other things healthy living, creating visual arts, activities outdoors, motorbikes, books, and films. He brings with him to LeVanta Tech a blend of leadership, branding, and entertainment industry insights. Send Email