Exciting developments are taking place at LeVanta Tech as our alpha prototype for the float-and-fly drone comes to life! The exceptional team at ELSA Industry is diligently working on this project, and their commitment is commendable.

While it might have been easier to construct our initial prototype using materials like styrofoam and plywood, our dedication to rigorous testing led us down a different path. We are fully prepared to push our prototypes to their operational limits, even if that means encountering a few crashes along the way. Our primary choice of material for the drone’s structure is carbon fiber, a decision that we anticipate will carry over to our commercial drones.

Beyond testing our first prototypes, we are also in the process of refining our manufacturing procedures to ensure seamless commercial-scale production. Our manufacturing process consists of three crucial steps. Firstly, we craft a master tool from wood. Following that, we create a high-temperature-capable carbon fiber tool, essentially a mold. Finally, we manufacture the actual carbon fiber components using these tools.

In the video below, you’ll witness the transformation of wood into the master tool for the upper fuselage of our alpha prototype. Furthermore, we’ll provide insights into the production of carbon fiber tools used to craft the fuselage. And in the closing image, you’ll see none other than @ELSA’s CTO, @Albert Arnau, who has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with, standing proudly next to the bottom half tool for the fuselage.

At @LeVanta Tech, we are not just building drones; we are pioneering innovation, and our progress is a testament to the dedication of our talented team and partners. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to shape the future of drone technology! 🚁🌟 #InnovationUnleashed #DroneTech #Teamwork #FutureofDrones

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