Revolutionizing Shipping & Transportation

Shipping and transportation is the backbone of our economy. Levanta Tech’s technology will revolutionize shipping & transpiration with its disruptive wing-in-ground effect (WIG) vehicles. WIG vehicles are 30-50% more efficient than conventional aircraft. WIG vehicles can haul heavy payloads and have increased range, over conventional aircraft. Hovercraft can be efficient at less than 60 knots. WIG vehicles are efficient at 90 to 180 knots. We have the best of both. We take off as a hovercraft and fly as WIG cruise. We enable high speed, economical, clean regional prioritized cargo transport

The Hoverfoil™ is an engineered wing-in-ground effect airfoil that can maintain lift while at zero forward velocity. This is done by use of internally routed duct work that channels airflow through the airfoil to the underside, to create an area of high pressure on the bottom of the Hoverfoil™. The airfoil shape (excluding ductwork) utilized a NACA 8308 airfoil. A combination of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) models and 3D scale prototyping have been used to study the feasibility of the project. The CFD model has proven the initial idea as feasible, however the implementation of the scale prototype needs to overcome some barriers to complete testing.